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Storage Units Flat Rock, MI

If you need a storage unit in Flat Rock you’ll find Compass Self Storage offers a great selection of unit sizes that will meet your personal and business storage needs. Our helpful staff of storage experts can help you pick the smallest unit that meets your needs, to help you cut costs.


  • Size

    Unit Price



  • 5 x 5

    Unit Price$47.00

    Small walk In closet - suitable for 20 - 30 boxes

  • 5 x 10

    Unit Price$57.00

    Large walk in closet - suitable for 30 - 40 boxes


  • Size

    Unit Price



  • 5 x 15

    Unit Price$77.00

    Deep walk In Closet - suitable for 40 - 50 boxes

  • 10 x 10

    Unit Price$92.00

    Typical bedroom, will fit 2 - 3 rooms of furniture or 50 - 60 boxes

  • 10 x 15

    Unit Price$118.00

    Typical living room, will fit 3 - 4 rooms of furniture or 80 - 90 boxes


  • Size

    Unit Price



  • 10 x 20

    Unit Price$140.00

    One car garage - will fit 4 -5 rooms of furniture or 100 - 111 boxes

  • 10 x 30

    Unit Price$181.00

    1.5 car garage - will fit 6 - 7 rooms furniture or 160 - 170 boxes

Choose our small 5 by 5 units to store toys, seasonal clothing, or business files. 10 by 10 units are a great size for storing the contents of your one-bedroom condo and appliances. Our large units, which are about the size of a two-car garage, are perfect for storing business files, equipment, and permanent records, as well as the contents of an entire four-bedroom house.

Our storage units in Flat Rock, MI are available on a month-to-month basis to meet your temporary or permanent storage needs. Rent an indoor climate-controlled unit, kept at between 50 and 80 degrees, for sensitive stored items, such as antique or leather furniture, fine collectibles, holiday ornaments and decorations, important records, electronic equipment, or items containing water—which can expand during freezing weather conditions.

Use our online Unit Size Grid or Space Calculator to estimate what size unit you’ll need. Or ask our storage experts what they recommend. They’ll ask you how long you need storage, what types of items you plan to store, and how frequently you’ll need to access your storage unit to help you choose the best unit for your unique storage needs.

RV and boat storage in Flat Rock is also available at Compass Self Storage.

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