Fresh Compass of Philly!

Graphic showing various objects in a 5x10 storage unit.

Hey everyone,

Philadelphia Update

Our team in Philadelphia, PA is excited for all the changes coming to our site! At long last, the elevator shaft is now fully built, the elevator itself is soon to be installed, and the interior work is ready to begin on an expansion to our Philadelphia, PA property. Our goal is to completely convert the empty and unused second floor of this facility into a brand new storage area – a total of 128 new units (in multiple size codes) will soon be made available to the Philadelphia market. We’ll be increasing the size of this already large and busy property by 9,741 square feet! Stay tuned for more pictures as the conversion nears completion and the new area is made available to our Philadelphia customers! We are hoping to be finished with the expansion project and renting units by October of this year.

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