Storage Unit Access: You Should Know

Compass Self Storage facility in Providence, RI.

Hey Compass fans,
When it comes to accessing your self storage unit, not all facilities are created equal. During your hunt for storage, be sure to inquire about the following:

Storage Type (Drive Up, Indoor or Outdoor Lot):

  • Where are the storage units located on the property?
  • Are they drive up units, much like a one car garage that you can pull your car up to?
  • Indoor storage units within the facility?
  • Outdoor storage spaces that are similar to a parking lot?


  • What are the hours of the storage facility?
  • Is it open on nights and weekends?
  • Do you have 24 hour access to your unit or access only during set times of the day?

18-Wheeler/Large Vehicle Access:

  • If you have a moving company unloading your storage items, can the storage facility accommodate their 18-wheeler (if that’s what they’re driving)?
  • Are you able to drive into the building and unload? (Our site in Philadelphia is great for this!)

If you have any other questions, please stop in and see our Compass team who will be more than happy to answer your questions for you 🙂

The Compass Team