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Young boy reaching for a present hidden under a bed.

Need Supplies?

Hey Compass fans, Whether you need storage for your personal or business items, our month-to-month leases provide flexibility and can accommodate your situation—from temporary storage needs for renovations, moves, or to hold excess inventory, to long-term storage for business documents and records, family heirlooms you can’t let go of just yet, or for personal belongings […]

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Compass Self Storage facility in East Lansing, Michigan.

Let’s go RV Shopping!

Hey Compass fans, Now that the fall is here, a lot of awesome vacations are in store! People travel from all over to different areas to watch the leaves turn, find pumpkin patches & corn mazes, and have new adventures now that the weather is cooling off. Some of the best trips are taken when […]

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Need Freedom From Clutter?

Hey non-hoarders! Do you have a garage that offers no extra room for your new toys? How about a house that feels stuffy & cluttered? Come to Compass, where our storage units offer you a sense of freedom! Rid your home of all the extra mess & get ready for a spring of clean living! Let’s […]

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Compass Self Storage rental office with security monitors.

Auction Time- Come & Get It!

Hey Compass fans, Have you ever thought about attending a storage unit auction, to see what the hype of Storage Wars and other shows are like? Now we may not be as eventful as those shows (lol), Compass Storage holds plenty of auctions that people can come to our locations and bid on the units! We’ve had a few people […]

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Compass Self Storage facility in Fort Worth, TX.

Staging & Selling Your House?

Hey Compass fans, Are you in the midst of trying to sell your house? Well if you have hired a realtor, they may suggest "staging" your house to maximize it's aesthetic appeal to prospective buyers. "Staging" your house is the process of clearing out all the clutter, extra furniture, boxes, knick-knacks, and other items to […]

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Storage rental office in Fulton County, GA.

Clueless About Self Storage?

Hey Compass fans, Are any of you procrastinators? No judgment here! Many of us put off certain tasks because we dread the time it may take to complete or the tedium/difficulty of the project. That being said…..do you know you need self storage, but you’re nervous or worried about looking into one? Never fear, the […]

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Front desk of a Compass Self Storage facility.


Hi Compass fans, We have an amazing referral program at ALL of our stores…if you refer a friend to us, you will get a $25 Amazon Gift Card and your friend will receive 25% off their first month’s rent. If you’re like me, I love Amazon a little too much….and gift cards for the site are […]

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Graphic showing various items in a virtual 10x10 storage unit.

How Much Stuff Can I Store?

Hey all! If you’re in the market for self storage and searching around, the team at Compass would be more than happy to help you out! Aside from our excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff, we also have a full line of moving & packing supplies that you can choose from to aid in your […]

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Interior hallway of Compass Self Storage facility.

Compass Storage FAQs

Hi everyone! Do you have a few questions about self storage? You can ALWAYS call or come to a Compass near you for help from our friendly staff, or you can browse our website for some help! Below are a few questions that we get quite often, feel free to browse through them and hopefully, they answer your questions. If not, […]

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Compass Self Storage facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Keeping Your Memories

Hey Compass fans, Do you have all of your sentimental treasures stuffed in your attic gathering dust? Did a loved one pass away recently (or a while ago) and you just can’t go through their items or throw them away? There’s no need to let your stuff sit and waste away….let the Compass team help you! We […]

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