A Few Reasons WHY Self Storage is a Good Idea!

Hey Compass fans,

Have you ever wondered why self storage is a good idea? There’s no denying the self storage market has drastically grown in the past decade or so, and whereas I could give you a TON of reasons, I’ll save you some time and offer a few important ones…

  • Storage during construction & renovations- find a secure place to stash your household items during the remodeling.
  • Hobbies- clear out the house for space or use a unit to hold your toys!
  • Moving back home- whether you’re in college going home on a break or permanently moving, we can help you!
  • Storage in inner-city areas- a lot of neighborhoods don’t allow RV/boats in driveways, come store with us!
  • Your space is worth more than a storage unit- you could rent out your spare room or have your own office…do whatever you want with your new found spacious area.
  • Changes in financial and/or family situations- if there is a death or divorce, and there are extra belongings with no space to place them.
  • You don’t need everything 24/7- pretty self explanatory! You don’t need your Christmas decorations in February, clear the clutter and store with us!

The Compass Team