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A woman opening a storage unit

Choosing the Right Size Storage Unit

Renting a self storage unit can become a lifesaver when you are in the middle of a move, need to store seasonal decorations, or are clearing your home of clutter. The first step when renting a storage unit is choosing the right size unit. Fortunately, there are a variety of storage unit sizes to choose […]

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Couple opening up holiday gifts

How to Keep Holiday Gifts Secret

Shopping for gifts for your loved ones during the holiday season should be an enjoyable process, and keeping them a secret is a part of the fun. We all love the ease of shopping online, especially when we have lots of people to shop for, but it can be difficult to keep online orders a […]

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handle logistics of a move

How to Handle the Logistics of a Home Improvement Project

Preparing for a home renovation can be a big task filled with excitement. From remodeling your kitchen to replacing the carpet in your living room to wood, a home improvement project involves a lot of preparation. Compass Self Storage has tips on how to handle the logistics of the process, such as financing and living […]

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Art mural at the Compass Self Storage facility in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Storage Facility Partners with Arts Organization

At Compass Self Storage, we believe that integrating with our community is an important part of our mission to provide affordable and high quality self storage to our communities. That’s why we’re excited to see our self storage facility in Philadelphia, PA, on Allegheny Avenue has been transformed into an amazing work of art! In […]

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A new home being constructed

What Do You Do If Your House Isn’t Built Yet?

Whether or not you’re in the midst of a new home construction right now, chances are you’ve heard about the chip shortages, excessive lumber prices, and furniture stock shortages that have been plaguing the residential construction industry. Unfortunately, this might be a source of incredible frustration if you’re stuck in temporary lodging and ready to […]

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Child going back to school in 2021

5 Back to School Tips This Fall

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for many students and parents across the world. From mandatory mask mandates to social distancing and online learning, the new normal for school has been quite the adjustment. As the 2021 – 2022 school year gets underway, many schools are returning to in-person classes with fewer […]

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moving in with a significant other

How to Move In With Your Partner

One of the biggest steps in a relationship is deciding to move in together, and studies have found that a higher percentage of unmarried couples are choosing to make this leap than ever before. No matter how long you’ve been together as a couple, sharing a home with your significant other for the first time […]

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How to Clean Out Your Parents’ Home

Whether your parents are downsizing, moving into a senior living community, or have just passed away, cleaning out our parents’ home is something that most people have to do someday. But though it’s common, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Cleaning out your parents’ home is hard and emotionally taxing, even if they’re still around to […]

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spring cleaning with the family

How to Involve the Whole Family in Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning season is here—if it wasn’t for you already! Although a begrudged task for many, spring cleaning comes with many benefits including a decluttered home, improved mental health, and an overall healthier home for your family to live and grow in. We understand that spring cleaning is a big task to tackle that can […]

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Texas home renovations

A Guide for Your Next Texas Home Renovation

For homeowners across Texas, the last year has been a perfect storm for home renovation fever. The great shift to working from home due to a global pandemic, rising home prices, and an actual storm that caused damage for many Texans has prompted many to ask themselves how to start a renovation. And while every […]

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