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An empty dorm room

College Dorm Organization Musts

As summer comes to an end, college begins to go back into session and many students will be first time college students. Moving away from home is stressful and sharing a small space adds more challenges to the mix. Luckily, there are ways to maximize your dorm space while staying organized and keeping all your […]

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Recording equipment in a home music studio

How to Make an In Home Music Studio

Whether it’s for recreational play or professional production, you’ve found yourself with a burning desire: building a home recording studio, just the way you want it. A place to call your own that hits the acoustics just right, with enough wall space for your Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, or Dolly Parton. After all, there’s no […]

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A laptop on a desk at work

Getting Organized at Work

The last few years have brought on lots of change, many of us began working from home for the first time in our careers and more recently just started going back to the office. Combined with the stress of moving office spaces and dealing with a global pandemic, its normal that your office space has […]

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a contractor is holding up the blueprint to his project with other construction workers in the background

How Self Storage Can Benefit Your Home Service Business

It’s important for home service business owners to maintain their teams’ efficiency and productivity during these unusual times. From plumbing and landscaping to contracting and electricity, home service businesses run the gamut of skills. Regardless of your specific home business needs, it can be difficult to find creative, affordable storage and office space solutions for […]

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How to Best Store Your Mattress in Self Storage

Few factors are as important to a good night’s sleep as your mattress. Maintaining its shape and cleanliness helps ensure you get the rest you need, but it can also mean putting off buying an expensive new mattress for a little longer. Yet, most of us pay little attention to proper mattress storage. Whether you’re […]

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Family packing for a a move in the winter

How to Keep Your Cool During Your Winter Move

Moving during any time of the year can be draining, but snowy or icy weather often makes wintertime moves especially overwhelming. There is, however, a benefit to dealing with snow, ice, and other winter surprises—moving companies and landlords often lower rates and promote winter move-in deals to attract customers during this quiet time of year. […]

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Family loading moving boxes into the trunk of a car.

Packing Properly: How to Avoid Damage and Stress During Your Move

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With a little planning and the proper precautions, relocating can be relatively stress-free. These packing tips from Compass Self Storage will help you move your belongings to your new home or business with minimal damage and even less stress. Gather the Proper Packing Supplies  Lining up the proper […]

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A new home being constructed

What Do You Do If Your House Isn’t Built Yet?

Whether or not you’re in the midst of a new home construction right now, chances are you’ve heard about the chip shortages, excessive lumber prices, and furniture stock shortages that have been plaguing the residential construction industry. Unfortunately, this might be a source of incredible frustration if you’re stuck in temporary lodging and ready to […]

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A set of organized tools on the side of the garage

5 Steps to an Organized Garage

As the seasons change, you will need access to different equipment and belongings in your garage. In the colder months you may need easy access to a snow blower or shovels, while in the summer you will need your lawn mower and gardening tools. You may also be an adventurer that has mountain bikes, snowboards, […]

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A man using Montgomery RV storage

RV Storage in Montgomery, AL

From cross-country road trips to hometown glamping in Montgomery, AL, few things compare to the joys of adventuring in an RV. No matter if you have a fifth-wheel, pop-up, or Class A motorhome, an RV is one of the simplest ways to explore the breathtaking nooks and crannies of America’s landscape comfortably while fulfilling your […]

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