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  • About Compass Self Storage in Massachusetts

    Nestled right in the heart of New England, Massachusetts is one of this country’s richest deposits of culture. The Bay State has been the setting of countless important moments in our nation’s history, such as the arrival of the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, the Boston Tea Party, and more. Today, the state is home to several cities with vibrant nightlife like Boston and Springfield along with many prestigious colleges and universities like Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and more.

    While there’s certainly plenty to do in Massachusetts, there’s honestly not a whole lot of space. Residents of the sixth-smallest state often find themselves running out of room for all of their things, especially at home and work. Thankfully, Compass Self Storage has the solution. We offer affordable storage units in Massachusetts that come equipped with several enticing amenities designed to streamline your experience and provide you maximum comfort. Our facility is located right in the middle of Taunton, making us easily accessible for anyone searching for storage in southeastern Massachusetts.

    Storage Facilities in Massachusetts

    Creating extra space in your home or place of business is one of the best ways to improve productivity and peace of mind. Compass Self Storage offers a wide selection of affordable storage units in Massachusetts that are the perfect place to store the extra things causing you stress. Our storage facility in Taunton is home to climate-controlled storage units, vehicle parking storage, and more, making it an all-around smart pick for self storage in Massachusetts.

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    Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Massachusetts

    We all know how chaotic Massachusetts weather can be. As the temperature swings between the warm summers and frigid snow-filled winters, residents of the Bay State constantly find themselves reaching for the thermostat or a blanket to cozy themselves up. But what about their property? The impacts of extreme weather can cause significant damage to things often left in storage, such as furniture, electronics, and anything else made primarily of leather, wood, or other sensitive materials. 

    The most effective way to protect your property from the effects of changes in weather is to invest in climate-controlled self storage. These units are kept between a consistent range of temperatures to protect against fading, warping, and other weather-induced damage. Compass Self Storage offers climate-controlled storage units in Taunton, though our vehicle storage parking plots and a few standard units are not temperature-regulated. 

    Car, Boat, and RV Storage in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts residents are no strangers to fun in the outdoors, particularly on the water. But when it comes time to return home and head back to work, you need a place to drop anchor. The space you have in your garage or driveway is limited, though, so it may be smart to rent vehicle parking storage for your extra set of wheels. Compass Self Storage offers car, RV, and boat storage in Massachusetts that is an affordable and easy way to free up some space at home.

    Rent Massachusetts Storage Today

    Free your home or business of the space-related issues causing you stress and invest in one of Compass Self Storage’s Massachusetts storage units today. You’ll notice an instant change in both productivity and peace of mind as your surroundings become less cluttered overnight. 

    Check out our unit size guide to figure out ahead of time how much space you need. If you’re new to this, read through our first-time renter’s guide to self storage. You can also explore our blog and storage and packing tips page to learn more about why you should rent from Compass Self Storage. Once you’re ready, locate your nearest facility to get started!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Storage Units in Massachusetts

    Do you offer contactless storage rentals in Massachusetts?

    Yes! Compass Self Storage’s top priority is providing you with a seamless rental experience. In order to do so, we offer a completely self-driven, contactless storage rental process and online payment system. You won’t have to meet face-to-face with a representative unless you want to, although we do have a team of experts ready to help in-person or over the phone during business hours.

    Do you offer moving truck rentals in Massachusetts?

    Indeed. To help out our customers involved in a move, we offer U-Haul truck rentals in Taunton at our storage facility. Whether you’re unloading or packing up, you can save yourself the extra trouble of finding a truck and effortlessly rent right from our facility. Dollies and carts are available on-site for your use as well.

    To learn more about Compass Self Storage in Massachusetts, check out our frequently asked questions page!