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  • About Compass Self Storage in Kentucky

    Tucked comfortably between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River, Kentucky is a hotbed of culture and history that millions of people love to call home. It’s clear why, as when you live in the Bluegrass State, you’ll never be far from exciting things to do and places to go. There truly is something for everyone, as you can enjoy the vivid nightlife of the big cities or take in the state’s natural rural beauty. You can also enjoy cheering on any of the top-tier local sports programs, including pro teams from Cincinnati and collegiate squads like the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. Whatever your interests are, you’ll find something to enjoy in Kentucky.

    To live life in Kentucky to the fullest, you need ample space. If you find yourself needing a place to move your extra things and free up room at home or work, let Compass Self Storage lend a hand. We manage a wide-reaching selection of affordable storage units in Kentucky perfect for residential storage, commercial storage, and more. We have locations in Cold Spring, Florence, and Hebron, making us a smart choice for people searching for self storage in northern Kentucky near Cincinnati. Whatever your needs may be, Compass Self Storage has you covered.

    Storage Facilities in Kentucky

    We operate a handful of storage facilities in Kentucky spread across the northern tip of the state, so we’re a frequent choice for people looking for self storage near Cincinnati. Our storage centers all come with their own specifications and rates, as each location is equipped with several amenities and features designed to enhance your experience such as our seamless online payment system.

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    Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Kentucky

    You don’t have to live in Kentucky long to understand how wild the weather can get. The summers are hot and the winters are cold, so residents have to constantly adjust their thermostats and clothing choices to stay comfortable. But what about your property? Changes in temperature and weather can cause significant damage to furniture, electronics, and other things made of sensitive material. This can especially be the case when leaving things in storage, as prolonged exposure to the elements only amplifies the effects.

    The easiest way to protect your things from weather-induced damage is to invest in climate-controlled storage near you. These units are kept between a consistent range of temperatures in order to ensure your things won’t sustain the damage listed above due to excessive heat or cold. You can find climate-controlled storage units in Kentucky at our facilities in Cold Spring and Florence.

    Car, Boat, and RV Storage in Kentucky

    Are you running low on room in your garage, driveway, or cul-de-sac? Compass Self Storage is here to help. We offer affordable vehicle storage in Kentucky at our storage facilities near Cincinnati with several options to choose from. We have outdoor vehicle parking and indoor vehicle storage units available, so whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. Finding convenient and affordable car, boat, and RV storage in Kentucky has never been easier.

    Rent Kentucky Storage Today

    The answer to your storage space needs is within reach with Compass Self Storage. We offer affordable self storage units in Kentucky that come equipped with several enticing amenities and are a simple way to free up space at home or work. Check out our unit size guide to pinpoint just how much space you need, then explore our storage tips page to learn more. For additional information, read our first-time renter’s guide and head over to our blog to discover why you should rent from Compass Self Storage.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Storage Units in Kentucky

    Do you offer contactless storage rentals in Kentucky?

    The moving and storage process is complicated enough as is. You don’t need us to add any extra hoops to jump through. Compass Self Storage offers a completely self-guided, contactless storage rental process designed to make your experience as convenient as possible. You won’t have to meet with any representatives if you don’t want to, although we do have a helpful team of experts ready to help over the phone or at our facilities during business hours.

    How long is a storage unit rental in Kentucky?

    At Compass Self Storage, our top priority is providing our customers with 100% satisfaction. One of the top amenities we offer our tenants is the ability to manage rentals on a flexible month-to-month basis. You won’t be tied down to any long-term contracts when renting with us, as we’ll work together throughout your stay to determine how long you need to rent your unit.

    Want to know more about self storage in Kentucky? Check out our list of frequently asked questions!