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  • About Compass Self Storage in Cleveland, OH

    Nestled on the bank of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a well-known industrial and trade hub in the Great Lakes region. Not only is it one of the largest economic centers of the area, but it also has several major cultural institutions such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With a thriving culture and an economy on the rise, Cleveland is a proud city that’s becoming even more prominent.

    If you’re having trouble finding space in your Cleveland home or apartment, self storage is a great way to make room. Whether it’s storage for your downtown office or even storage for your Case Western University dorm room, Compass Self Storage has the space you need. We provide convenient storage facilities with amenities designed to improve your experience. Rent or reserve your storage unit today!

    Storage Facilities in Cleveland, OH

    At Compass Self Storage, our Cleveland locations are set up to serve multiple high-traffic parts of town. With a facility right in the heart of downtown as well as farther out in the suburbs, our Cleveland storage facilities are well positioned for your convenience throughout the city. You can find storage at locations including:

    Climate-Controlled Storage in Cleveland, OH

    Clevelanders are no strangers to harsh weather. Winter in particular can be brutal when snow blows in from Lake Erie. Although locals are used to it, some of your belongings won’t be able to handle the cold nearly as well. That’s why we provide climate-controlled storage in Cleveland. Our climate-controlled storage units are designed to protect your temperature sensitive belongings from extreme temperatures. If you’re storing wooden furniture, electronics, or other temperature sensitive items, choose climate-controlled storage with Compass.

    Rent Cleveland, OH, Storage Today

    If you need help deciding how much additional space you need, our storage unit size guide can help. We also have storage and packing tips that can show you how to make the most of your space. Once you’ve figured out which storage unit is right for you, find a Compass Self Storage facility near you and rent or reserve your Cleveland storage unit today!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Storage in Cleveland, OH

    Do you have car storage in Cleveland, OH?

    Yes, we do have car storage in Cleveland at our Shaker Heights storage facility. Auto storage is a great way to free up space in your garage without having to get rid of one of your favorite vehicles. Our car storage options are limited, so be sure to check the facility’s page to confirm availability.

    Do you have rental trucks available in Cleveland, OH?

    Yes, you can rent a moving truck from any of our Cleveland storage locations. These trucks can be a major help with your move, especially if you have particularly large items you want to store but don’t have a vehicle large enough to move them.