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  • About Compass Self Storage in West Palm Beach, FL

    A popular vacation destination throughout spring and summer thanks to its convenient location 70 miles north of Miami, West Palm Beach, Florida is the oldest municipality in southern Florida. Facing the Atlantic Ocean and the island of Palm Beach, the beautiful city has plenty of beaches and golf courses to relax in–and the nearby Palm Beach International Airport makes transport a breeze.

    Whether you vacation here or call West Palm Beach home all year round, Compass Self Storage provides West Palm Beach self storage to satisfy your storage needs, big or small. From climate controlled units to drive-up access to West Balm Beach boat storage, we have the clean storage units you need at affordable prices. .

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What Storage Facilities are in West Palm Beach, FL?

    Compass Self Storage has three storage facilities in West Palm Beach. These facilities are located at: 

    To rent a West Palm Beach storage unit, contact our West Palm Beach location at (561) 665-7176, our Palm Beach location at (561) 771-5952, our Jupiter location at (561) 556-2191, or rent your unit online.

    Is there Climate Controlled Storage in West Palm Beach, FL?

    Yes. When you have temperature-sensitive items like furniture, electronics, and documents to store, make sure they’re stored in a comfortable environment where they won’t be damaged by the Florida heat. Both West Palm beach locations offer climate controlled units at a variety of sizes to help keep your possessions protected from the elements.

    Do You Have Vehicle Storage in West Palm Beach, FL?

    Our West Palm Beach location offers car storage in the form of indoor, drive-up storage units, perfect for storing convertibles or vintage cars. Please note that our facilities do not offer outdoor parking for your RV or boat.

    Rent Your West Palm Beach Storage Unit Today!

    No matter where you are living or are staying in West Palm Beach, Compass Self Storage has a nearby facility to handle all your storage needs. Our storage units are clean and affordable, and our month-to-month leases let you rent your unit for exactly how long you need it–perfect for seasonal renting. Contact us today to get started!