6 Space-Saving Winter Sports Gear Storage Tips

a flat-lay of outdoor winter gear and equipment

As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, you may find yourself eyeing the forecast in anticipation of the return of winter sports. From snowboarding and skiing to ice skating, there are tons of ways to enjoy the colder months.

The only downside to this wintertime fun? Finding a place to keep your winter sports gear without cluttering your home. Discover how you can save space with these winter sports equipment storage tips!

Tips for Storing Winter Sports Gear

1. Don’t Store Your Gear in Humid Areas

While you may be tempted to keep them out of sight in the garage or basement, don’t—the moisture in those areas can damage the shape of your boards or skis and cause rust. Additionally, basements and garages are more susceptible to fluctuating temperatures, which can also damage your gear.

2. Avoid Travel Bags for Your Gear

In addition to keeping your winter sports equipment out of damp areas, be sure to not keep them in travel bags for storage. While they’re useful for road trips, travel bags can trap moisture that can damage your gear if left unattended in a closet for too long.

3. Store and Display Your Gear with Wall Mounts

Skis on a rack

Instead of endangering the condition of your skis or snowboard, put them on display and keep them out of the way by mounting it on the wall. From Amazon to your local hardware store, there’s a wide variety of sturdy storage hooks and wall mounts you can use to stow your gear.

4. Use Shelves for Ice Skates

While they’re significantly smaller than snowboards or skis, ice skates can still take up a lot of space in your home. It may seem easier to store them on the floor, but these bladed skates can become a serious safety hazard. Keep them stored out of the way in a sturdy closet organizer. Be sure to keep guards on your skates’ blades, as they can be damaged by any surface that isn’t ice or carpet.

5. Store Your Snowmobile in Your Garage

A snowmobile in a garage

For much larger winter sports equipment, such as a snowmobile, be sure to use a warm, dry place away from the elements. While snowmobiles are designed to zoom through the snow, leaving yours outdoors under a tarp will put it at the mercy of the weather and potentially damage the engine.

6. Give Your Gear a Home Away from Home with Self Storage

While do-it-yourself wall mounts and shelves are useful storage solutions, you may not always be able to use them. From living in an apartment that doesn’t allow drilling into walls to residing in a house without enough closet space, sometimes you simply don’t have enough room in your home for gear.

Self Storage for Winter Sports Gear

Thankfully, there’s a solution: a storage unit with Compass Self Storage. With a Compass storage unit, you can protect your winter sports gear and take back space in your home. Whether you just need extra closet space or a parking spot for your snowmobile, we offer a variety of unit sizes and features to meet your needs. Worried about humidity? We’ve got you covered with our climate-controlled units. Give yourself the gift of self storage this winter season. Find a Compass Self Storage facility near you and take back space in your home with a storage unit today!