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Surprising Ways a Storage Unit Can Save You Money

A storage unit makes easy work of keeping your home or business tidy, but did you know it can also help you save money? Find out how to trim expenses while enjoying a well-organized home or workplace. Compass Self Storage, with facilities in Providence, RI, and other communities across the U.S., explains how you can […]

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Using Self Storage for your MLM inventory

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) businesses are up against plenty of competition. Although a global marketplace provides access to a world of potential customers, it also means you have a seemingly endless number of competitors. Streamlining your inventory handling processes could give you the edge you need. With facilities in Fate, TX and other locations around the […]

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How to be a Great Tenant (Regardless of Your Landlord)

Like most other renters, you want a landlord who maintains his or her property and treats you with respect. But you might be surprised at how much influence you have on your own living experience. Maximize your enjoyment of your new apartment while impressing your landlord with these tips from Compass Self Storage. With facilities […]

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Spring Cleaning: Your Checklist of Priorities for This Year

Spring cleaning just might be one of the most satisfying tasks we can think of. Sure, it’s time-consuming, but the results are definitely worth it. From washing the walls to deep-cleaning the fridge, this is your chance to get a fresh start. Compass Self Storage, with storage units in Lansing, IL and other towns around […]

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Getting Prepared for an Estate Sale

Whether you’re preparing to sell the contents of a loved one’s home or getting ready to downsize, an estate sale makes easier work of clearing out belongings. Estate sale professionals in Lutz, FL can help with organizing and selling your items, but Compass Self Storage explains how a little prep work can make the process […]

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How to Decide What to Do With Sentimental Items

Many Americans are in the midst of minimizing. Some are inspired by recent books and TV shows about organizing. Others are involved in the minimalist movement in general, while some are experiencing a major change in their own lives. Even the new year can create the urge to purge the excess items cluttering our homes […]

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Packing Properly: How to Avoid Damage and Stress During Your Move

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With a little planning and the proper precautions, relocating can be relatively stress-free. These packing tips from Compass Self Storage will help you get your belongings safely from your current home or business to your new space in Montgomery, AL. Proper Packing Supplies  We can’t stress enough the […]

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The Best Ways to Fully Utilize Your Utility Closet

If you’ve been putting off tackling your utility closet, today is the day to do it. Organizing one of your Neptune, NJ home’s vital storage areas could be just the beginning of a full spring clean. Here’s how you can make it the starting point for cleaning, organizational projects, or even an emergency preparedness plan […]

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Properly Store Your Holiday Decor When the Festivities Come to a Close

As we wind down from the excitement of the fall and winter holidays, Compass Self Storage wants to make dismantling all those decorations easier. With storage units in Cincinnati, OH and other communities, we’ve learned a lot about simplifying the process. Keep It Together  Whether in storage units or your garage, separate indoor and outdoor […]

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The Space Hiding Under Your Kitchen Sink and How to Use It

For most of us, the space below the kitchen sink is not exactly top-of-mind – until we need to find something. If your under-sink area is overcrowded or even just underwhelming, refer to these tips from Compass Self Storage. Our storage units help keep households clutter-free in Orlando, FL and other cities. Get Started Our […]

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