7 Areas in Your Kitchen That Need Organization

A woman organizing her kitchen

It’s that time of year again to start spring cleaning, and what better way to start than in your kitchen? As one of the rooms that you probably use every day, a clean kitchen can do wonders in your daily life. Begin by throwing out or donating items that you no longer use and reorganize any items cluttering up your space. After you clean and clear out unnecessary items, make sure to keep all like items together.

Since everyone’s available kitchen space may differ, use the following organizational tips that best fit your needs.

Start small and organize your spices.

If you have a spice cabinet or drawer, remove all items and wipe down the area. Get a spice rack tray to either place in a cabinet or drawer. Be sure to measure your drawer so you have the right size. Go a step further into your organization and transfer your spices to labeled glass jars. To do this, use a small funnel for easy transfer. Organize in either alphabetical order or by color so it’s simple to find once it’s time to cook.

Stack your pots and pans neatly.

Since unused pots and pans can be a major culprit of a disorganized kitchen, it’s important to dispose of any old pots or pans you no longer use. After you cleared out some space and wiped the area down, it’s time to get organized. One way to do so is to buy an expandable pan organizer. Always misplacing your lids? For pots, place the lids upside down and stack the pots from largest to smallest.

Eliminate empty space in your silverware drawer.

We all know that silverware drawers can easily become unorganized. To help keep everything tidy, measure your silverware drawer, and use a few bins that would fit perfectly so there are no extra gaps of unused space. It’s important to prevent gaps because unlike items can find their way to this drawer which allows for misplaced items and further clutter.

Place your measuring cups/spoons on a hook.

If you’re someone who is always misplacing measuring cups and spoons, a great way to avoid that is to use a hook and place them on the inside of a cabinet door. That way, the measuring cups and spoons will stay organized, hidden, and easily accessible.

Use storage bins for your pantry.

Depending on how large your pantry is, clean it out step by step by tackling one shelf at a time. Go through each item and make sure nothing is expired. Once that is complete, use airtight food storage containers for items such as beans, pasta, sugar, and flour. Place the other items in your pantry in labeled bins. Label with erasable stickers to allow for you to change if necessary. This will make it easier to keep your pantry spotless in the future (and prevent you from double purchasing!).

Clean out your refrigerator/freezer.

First, do a deep cleanout of your refrigerator and freezer. This includes removing everything and disposing of any expired items. Next, wipe down both the interior and exterior. Everyone’s refrigerator and freezer are different, but it’s important to keep all like items together. These organization storage containers are a great way to see all of your food items and prevent you from having any fresh produce left behind. After each grocery trip, be sure to clean and restock items in their appropriate bins.

Use the space under the kitchen sink.

Remember to utilize all the space you have, including under the kitchen sink! Place your cleaning products here, and use a turntable for easy access. Garbage bags always a mess? These are also great to store under your kitchen sink. Attach a paper towel holder to the inside of the cabinet door, place garbage bags in the holder, and never struggle with garbage bags again!

Compass Self Storage Can Help

Organizing your kitchen is a smart way to start spring cleaning. So, once you have a system in place, it’s important to build up a habit to stay tidy. For example, after grocery shopping, continue to put away your items in their designated spot. This will ensure tidiness and prevent future clutter.

Whether you’re just starting with your kitchen or setting off to organize your whole home, Compass Self Storage is here to help you during any and all cleaning projects! We offer a variety of unit storage sizes and features, such as advanced security, affordable rates, and even climate controlled storage. We can help to store and protect your belongings so that you can focus on your home. Find a facility near you today for self storage during your next organizational journey!