How To Store Patio Furniture During Winter

Patio furniture is covered in many inches of bright snow after a snowfall

When wintertime approaches, the question of what to do with your outdoor patio furniture becomes essential. It’s crucial to shield it from the harsh weather conditions to keep it in excellent shape for the upcoming spring and many years to come. 

Compass Self Storage offers a dependable solution with our secure and convenient personal storage units. We’re here to guide you on the effective storage of patio furniture, ensuring it maintains its aesthetic appeal and longevity. Trust Compass Self Storage to be your partner in protecting your outdoor investments. 

Assessing and Preparing Patio Furniture for Storage 

A tarp covers patio furniture to protect from snow

Before storing your patio furniture for the winter, proper preparation is essential. Thoroughly clean each piece to remove dirt, debris, and stains. If you have plastic, metal, or wicker furniture, use mild soap and water. As for wooden furniture, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure the furniture is completely dry before storing to prevent mold and mildew.

To guard your patio furniture against moisture and dust, apply a protective coating or covering. After cleaning and drying your cushions, store them separately from the fabric covers. To save even more in your storage unit, disassemble the furniture and keep it grouped together in bins or bags. Be sure to label each piece for easy reassembly. By taking the time to assess and prepare your furniture, you can preserve its appearance for years to come.

Choosing the Right Storage Space

Choosing a suitable storage space is essential for helping protect your belongings. If you’re storing anything that can be affected by extreme weather, opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. These units maintain a consistent temperature year round, ensuring ideal conditions for storage.

When you plan out your storage unit map, leave plenty of room for airflow and access. If you’re storing household items in addition to your patio furniture, be sure you can easily get to anything you’ll need to retrieve before spring. If you’re unsure what storage unit size to rent, our helpful unit size guide provides a look into common unit sizes and what is recommended to store in each. Additionally, our facilities offer security features such as gated access, surveillance cameras, and on-site staff. With various options for storage unit sizes, and amenities developed with your needs in mind, Compass Self Storage has the furniture storage solutions you need. 

Packing and Organizing Patio Furniture for Storage 

Furniture, especially that made of glass or metal, can be scratched if not packed or stored properly. Utilize weather-resistant furniture covers or blankets to protect your furniture at home or while in a traditional storage unit. If you’re renting a climate-controlled storage unit, you won’t have to worry about the weather but will still need to use covers to protect against dirt, debris, and scratches. 

When arranging furniture in your storage unit, stack boxes carefully, placing heavier items at the bottom and more delicate items on top. If you have sturdy furniture that is still assembled such as chairs or a bench, you can stack boxes on top or underneath, ensuring there is adequate space to prevent collisions. By following these guidelines, you can effectively pack and organize your patio furniture for storage, ensuring a great experience from day one.

Additional Tips for Storing Patio Furniture 

Wooden furniture with cushions slowly getting covered in snow

If you want to ensure your patio furniture stays in excellent condition during storage, here are some additional storage and packing tips to consider:

  • Use rust-inhibiting lubricant to prevent rust on metal parts.
  • Keep small parts and hardware in labeled bags or containers for easy reassembly when spring rolls around.
  • Label each piece of furniture and make an inventory or unit map to find it easily.

By adhering to these tips, your patio furniture will stay in great shape while you store it.

Properly Storing Cushions and Fabric Covers 

If you plan to store cushions and fabric covers for your patio furniture adequately, follow these steps:

  1. Start by cleaning them according to the manufacturer’s instructions and making sure they’re completely dry to prevent mold and mildew from growing.
  2. Keep your cushions fresh in sealable bags or plastic containers once clean and dry.
  3. Store fabric covers in breathable storage bags to protect them from dust.

By following these guidelines, you can extend the lifespan of your cushions and fabric covers.

Ensuring Easy Retrieval and Reassembly 

For a hassle-free retrieval and reassembly process, consider these key steps:

  1. Clearly label small parts or hardware boxes for easy identification.
  2. Label furniture components to simplify reassembly..
  3. Take pictures from different angles before disassembling your furniture.
  4. Keep an inventory list of everything you’ve stored so you don’t lose anything.

Incorporating these practices will save you time and energy, allowing you to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine once again. 

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