Should I Move to a New City?

A woman in a new city

We’ve all felt it: that itch to explore new places, to take a break from life and see more of the world than what is held in our daily routine. However, what happens when that travel “itch” doesn’t go away when you return home? When your wanderlust can’t be quelled by an extended trip out of town, it may be a sign that it’s time to consider moving to a new city. 

If you’re unsure if now is the time to make the change, or where to get started in searching for a new place to live, this blog from Compass Self Storage is here to help point you in the right direction. We’ll answer common questions like what city you should move to, what age you should move out, how much money you should have saved, and more.

Signs I Should Make a Life Change

It can be tough to know when making a life change is necessary, particularly when it comes to uprooting your life to move to another city. Here are some common signs that you may be ready for a change in scenery:

  • Feeling stuck: If you have been mentally stuck in a rut or feeling trapped by your current living situation, that is a clear sign that change is in order. Where you live has a big impact on your mental health, and moving to a new location can give you a significant boost in serotonin. 
  • Money issues: When paying rent becomes too much of a burden each month, it may be time to look at a city with lower costs of living. A popular rule of thumb is devoting 30% of your monthly gross income to rent expenses. 
  • Changing goals: As life progresses, your goals will often change as your needs and situation transform. If your current city doesn’t have the opportunities or resources you need to reach your new goals, it could be time to look for those things somewhere else. 
  • Inner calling: Sometimes, you just have to trust your gut. If you feel an internal desire to explore new cities and plant your roots somewhere new, it’s alright to follow your dreams. 
  • Other things to consider: Are there family or friends that you want to live closer to in a new city? Have you explored all of the opportunities in your current city and need some fresh work somewhere else? Are there memories holding you back near your current home that you could use some distance from? 
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What City Should I Move To?

After making the tough choice to move your life to a new location comes an even harder decision: what city should you move to? While many people have an idea about what their dream destination would be, there are many important factors you should consider before making your final selection. 

  • Job prospects: What kind of jobs are available in that area? Is there a market or need for workers in your industry? Are there specific companies in that city that appeal to you?
  • Cost of living: How much do the necessities such as housing, utilities, and food cost in the new city? Is it possible to afford these things on your current budget? It’s important to have enough to pay for the necessities while still making enough to cover expenses for emergencies, hobbies, and leisure activities.
  • Housing market: What does it cost to rent or buy a house, apartment, or condo in the city?
  • Demographics: What does the average population look like in this city? Are you looking for a family-centric area, or are you trying to live with other young adults with similar interests? 
  • Proximity to family and friends: If living close to your loved ones is an important factor in your decision, you’ll want to find a city within a reasonable distance of them so making the trip back won’t be a difficult task. 
  • Weather: What kind of climate are you looking for? Whether you are looking to escape the heat of summer or the frigid cold of winter, finding the right weather should be a factor in your choice of a new city.
  • Other things to consider: If you have kids, what does the school system look like? What attractions or amenities are in the city? What social and professional networks are available to you? What are the crime rates, tax rates, and other statistics? 

What Age Should I Move Out?

Every person’s timeline is different, as two people rarely ever share the exact same course of events that lead to moving out. However, there are definitely times when making that transition simply makes sense. For many people, the mid-to-late 20s are a good time to move out on their own and experience life in a new location, after finishing up school or saving up money from starting their career. This is often a natural point of transition, where young adults begin to find their way forward on their own. 

However, this is not something that is set in stone. You may be younger or older when your situation calls for you to move to a new city, and there is nothing wrong with that! As long as you can make a plan and budget your resources appropriately, you can find success making the move whenever the time comes.

How Much Money Should I Save to Move Out?

When you’re looking to make the move to a new city, it’s always a good idea to have money saved up. Try to have an emergency fund stashed away in a savings account or in cash, ideally a few thousand dollars so that you can cover an unexpected expense without needing to go into debt. Eventually, you will want to have the equivalent of three to six months’ living expenses covered. This way, you can handle even lingering economic burdens, like a sudden job loss or the medical bills that come with an injury or illness.

The best way to build up an emergency fund is to create a budget that factors in monthly gross earnings, bills, and other expenses, and includes a portion to be set aside that is strictly for savings. 

Use Self Storage for a Stress-Free Move

When moving your entire life to a new city, space can quickly become an issue. If you need additional room to stow your belongings, furniture, and appliances while getting settled into your new home, self storage is a reliable and affordable solution. Renting a storage unit allows you to move all of your stuff to your new city at once and slowly bring items home at your own pace, so you aren’t maneuvering around rows of boxes for months while getting unpacked. 

If you’re looking for a self storage solution to help you stay organized and relieve stress during your move, Compass Self Storage has the space you need. Find a Compass location near you and give us a call to rent your storage unit today!