How to Adjust to Living in a Tiny Space


When you live in a dorm, tiny apartment, or small house, every bit of square footage counts. Whether you’re downsizing, a first-time renter, or going away to school, studio storage tips from those who have been there can help you make the most of a compact space. From smart furniture and decor choices to student storage options, make the most of your small space with these ideas from Compass Self Storage.

Clear Clutter

Prioritizing the items you keep at home is a must. Sell those old DVDs online, take your seldom-worn clothes to a consignment shop, and donate extra kitchen tools or unwanted books. The most successful small-space dwellers follow the “one-in, one-out” rule. This guideline can apply to everything from coffee mugs to clothing.

Once you’ve banished excess stuff from your home, you’ll need a system to keep things tidy. Install shelving where needed, or invest in some affordable, attractive bins to ensure that every item has a home. If you’re living in a tiny dorm room, you may need off-site student storage for safekeeping of belongings for which you just can’t find a spot.

Double-Duty Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is a godsend for anyone living in a tiny home. Beds with attached shelving and under-bed drawers provide instant small-house or studio storage while eliminating the need for nightstands. Or forgo the conventional bed altogether in favor of a Murphy bed that you pull out from the wall. Hideaway sofa beds allow you to turn your living room into a guest room or keep your sleeping area out of sight in a studio apartment. A coffee and liquor bar tucked into a corner is great for entertaining but also provides storage space for your mugs and glasses. A desk that folds up into a cabinet on the wall frees up a good deal of floor space, especially when combined with a foldaway chair that you can slide into a closet at a moment’s notice.

Whatever your reason for living in a small home, there’s a lot you can do to make your space more beautiful and functional. Tricks ranging from expanding your studio storage with multi-purpose furniture to avoiding clutter can help you enjoy your place more than ever. Getting out of the house once in a while can help you appreciate your newly redone abode, as can off-site student storage. Contact Compass Self Storage today to find the perfect unit for your needs.