Maximize Your Space!

Hey Compass fans,

Maximize your storage unit space by adding and removing seasonal gear.
Now that it’s heating up you are going to want easy access to all your gear for the summer such as: boats, fishing poles, swimming gear, inner tubes and more, which means you’re going to need more room in your home or garage. Your #storageunit is a great place to store gear you won’t use during the summer months to create extra space and declutter your home.

To get started, create a list of things you won’t use and start organizing them into one place where they can be easily packed and brought to your storage unit. Having a hard time coming up with items? Here’s a list of common items to get you started.

-Snow Blower
-Winter Gear or Clothing
-Snowboards or Skis
-Winter Decorations
-Extra Bedding
-Snow Tires

What kind of winter gear will you be putting into storage? Let us know by commenting below!

The Compass Team