Three Tips to Prepare Your Business for the Holiday Season


For many business owners, in and around Pittsburgh, PA, the fourth quarter brings excitement and hopes for big sales. But those last three months of the year can also be daunting, especially if your holiday inventory isn’t properly organized. While some companies start preparing for everything from Q4 business storage to holiday campaigns as early as mid-summer, it’s not too late to start prepping for the busiest time of the year.

1 Buy Stock and Supplies in Advance

Whether your company has a physical presence or conducts business entirely online, make sure you have everything you need for the holiday rush. In addition to investing in plenty of holiday inventory, stock up on extra shipping supplies, promotional items, decorations, and special holiday packaging.

Buying early helps prevent last-minute shortages and may help you save on shipping costs. If you have more inventory than you have space, don’t let that stop you from planning ahead. Renting a storage unit can help you manage these supplemental items and keep your business from being overrun.

2 Hire Additional Staff

In addition to having enough inventory, having the proper staffing is just as important. Many employees need days off to spend time with family and you’ll need enough staff to cover those that might be out on a given day throughout the season. Maximize your hiring budget and protect your reputation by allowing time for plenty of training. You can also offer incentives for hitting sales goals or keeping perfect attendance. 

While it’s a last resort for many business owners to step in and cover shifts, the holiday season is a time of year when keeping your schedule clear for such occasions is necessary. This will help you to keep your store open and running in case an employee calls in sick.

3 Provide a Great Holiday Shopping Experience

Creating a memorable shopping experience often starts with festive decorations, but it doesn’t end there. Your website should be just as cheery as your physical storefront—if you have one. If you have a retail space, be sure to keep a spot clear in your holiday storage space for eye-catching holiday decor.

The National Retail Federation predicts a rise of up to 14 percent in online and other non-store purchases during the 2019 holiday shopping season, which is why it’s important to create an attractive, user-friendly website, from holiday designs to special promotions.

If your website doesn’t make it easy for visitors to make purchases or find vital information about your business, they’ll probably abandon it for one that does. While optimizing your website for holiday shopping is smart, it can also improve your branding efforts and sales numbers all year long. And don’t forget to check that your site is mobile-friendly. With more than half of online shopping being performed on mobile devices, it’s clear that going mobile is a must.

Find Holiday Storage Solutions at Compass Self Storage

Holiday inventory, decorations, and extra supplies can be space hogs. Keep your workplace tidy and inviting during the holidays with business storage from Compass Self Storage. Holiday storage is a huge help, but storage can come in handy long after the new year has been rung in. With multiple storage facilities in the Pittsburgh, PA, metro area, your Pittsburgh business will have no problem getting ready for the holidays. For business storage solutions outside Pittsburgh, rent a storage unit at one of our national locations today!