Self Storage for Your Business!

Compass Self Storage facility in River Grove, Illinois.

Hey fellow business people,

  • Have you been wondering how you can utilize a self storage unit to benefit your business?Here’s a quick run down on the types of small businesses that could utilize a business self storage unit:Retail – A storage unit is a great place to store stock for your online or brick and mortar retail shop.

    Pharmaceutical –  Sales reps for pharmaceutical companies sometimes use self storage for receiving shipments and storing inventory of marketing materials and drug samples.

    Medical or Law Offices – Doctor’s offices and law offices are required to keep voluminous amounts of documents. A well organized, climate controlled storage unit can be a good place to store files.

    Landscaping – A centrally located storage unit can be a helpful location to store your equipment for your landscaping or gardening small business.

    Utilizing a self storage unit can be a flexible, cost-effective piece of the dynamic puzzle of running your small business. Check out our website for more help & stop in to visit the Compass team with your questions 🙂

The Compass Team