Storage Facility Manager Shares His Best Self Storage Secrets

A man smiling at a woman as he pushes a cart packed with boxes at a self storage facility.

When you’re ready to rent a self storage unit, there’s a world of space-creating possibilities in front of you—and that can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

If you’re looking for self storage tips and tricks, our Compass Self Storage team has you covered. We sat down with one of our knowledgeable storage professionals, Exzavier Moss, to hear some of his must-know self storage secrets.

Be Realistic About How Much Storage Space You Need

“First-time storage renters tend to underestimate how much space they actually need,” general manager Exzavier Moss said. “Most customers want a small unit—until they see just how small a small unit is.”

If you want a better idea of how much space you need, one of our favorite storage unit hacks is just a click away. We provide a unit size guide that helps you better gauge if a small 5×5 storage unit is right for you or if you should be in the market for a larger 10×15 storage space.

Tour Storage Facilities Before Renting

If you’re more of a hands-on person, the unit size guide may be a great place to start, but it doesn’t have to be the end point of your decision-making process.

“Always tour the facility before renting,” Moss said. “This way, you’ll get a chance to see just how secure the site is, you’ll get a true feel for the size of the unit you are interested in, and most importantly, you’ll get a chance to meet your storage managers!”

Your storage managers aren’t just the professionals who oversee the facility. According to Moss, they’re the folks who are “tasked with maintaining the security, cleanliness, and welcoming atmosphere of the site,” and it’s important to get to know these caretakers.

Ask Questions About Storage Features and Amenities

A smiling woman surrounded by boxes and talking on the phone.

A key aspect of renting a storage unit is understanding the features and amenities available to you as a tenant. Moss’ Compass Self Storage facility in Florida City, FL, for example, has been a certified U-Haul dealer for over 15 years. He shared it’s a perk renters sometimes misunderstand. 

“Sometimes we’re mistaken for strictly a truck rental service,” Moss noted. “But in fact, with over 500 units, boxes, tape, locks, etc., we’re a one-stop shop for most things storage.”

Other great features you should keep an eye out for are carts and dollies for an easier move-in day. It’s simple things like not having to lug boxes one by one that can make a world of difference for your self storage experience. Other questions about features you should consider asking include:

  • What’s the difference between indoor self storage and drive-up storage?
  • Should I get climate-controlled storage?
  • Is your facility easy to maneuver in a car or moving truck?

If you’re touring a storage facility near you, that’s a great chance to ask about features and amenities face-to-face! Otherwise, you can call that location’s office to learn more and determine which storage unit is right for you.

Understand How To Store Things in a Storage Unit

A man unloading boxes from a cart into his self storage unit.

Whether you’re doing mental math of just how tall you can make your stacks of boxes or wondering what to put on the floor of your storage unit, “organization” is the magic word.

Before you even start loading belongings into your unit, start on the right foot by packing and labeling boxes. This will help you locate items down the road and better strategize which boxes should go where in your unit.

We recommend keeping heavier, less-used boxes and belongings farther from your storage unit’s door and lighter, more frequently used items on the tops of medium-height stacks near the doorway.

Remember that unit size guide we shared earlier? In addition to showing you what items can fit into each unit size, our guide can show you how to organize those items with a helpful animation!

Try These Storage Tips With Compass Self Storage Today

You have the knowledge straight from Compass Self Storage’s general manager, Exzavier Moss, and now you have the opportunity to put it into practice the next time you need more space.

If you’re decluttering your garage, converting your college student’s bedroom into an office space, or downsizing for retirement, you can confidently find, rent, and enjoy the storage unit that’s right for you with Compass Self Storage.

Are you ready to find your storage space? Find a Compass Self Storage facility near you and start creating more room at home or work today!