5 Self Storage Tips You Need To Know

A smiling woman taping a box shut on the edge of her open car trunk.

When you rent a storage unit, finally having the means to create more space for your home or business can be exciting and intimidating. You have all this additional room now, but how do you make the most of it?

To help you out, we’ve gathered some of our favorite self storage tips and tricks to take the guesswork out of storing your belongings. From a better understanding of how to store things in a storage unit to what to put on the floor of your storage unit, you’ll be set with our storage unit advice.

1. Strategize How To Store Things in a Storage Unit

Before you start loading boxes, furniture, and any other belongings into your storage unit, think about why you’ve rented this space in the first place. Is it to keep your Christmas tree from cramping your closet the rest of the year, or will you stop by often to grab your small business inventory? Are there particular boxes or containers you’ll need to access more than others?

Asking yourself these kinds of questions now versus after you’ve packed your storage unit will save you from playing storage unit Jenga every time you need to grab something. Regardless of your plan for stored belongings, we recommend a few self storage tips:

  • Keep more frequently used items near your unit’s doorway
  • Leave a center aisle space open so you can walk around your unit
  • Label every side of your boxes to easily identify them
  • Store tables and dressers top-to-top to consolidate space

2. Use Pallets and Skids

If you’re wondering what to put on the floor of your storage unit, our answer is simple–not your boxes! You may be tempted to place boxes directly on the ground, but doing so won’t allow for good airflow. Keep the air in your storage unit cycling by placing pallets or skids under boxes or other items with large footprints.

3. Clean Appliances Before Storing Them

Speaking of items with large footprints, when you’re storing appliances, we have a key piece of storage unit advice for you: clean and dry them before tucking them away.

The better your appliances’ condition before storage, the happier you’ll be when it’s time to pull them back out. After all, that damp washer and dryer combo can turn into a proverbial mildewy nose-bomb the next time you open up your storage unit.

4. Set a Rotation Schedule for Seasonal Storage

Are you planning to use your storage unit for seasonal storage? From holiday decorations to sports equipment like skiing gear or bicycles, organization is key for storing belongings tied to the calendar.

When you visit your storage unit for seasonal items, don’t just grab your Christmas tree and head out. Pull out the belongings you need and slide boxes for the next season closer to the front of your storage unit so when it’s time to grab spring decorations and gardening tools, they’ll be easier to reach.

5. Hear What the Experts Have To Say

Sometimes, it helps to hear storage unit tips and tricks straight from the source. Explore helpful storage unit advice directly from Compass Self Storage’s general manager, Exzavier Moss! As a dedicated self storage facility caretaker, he has plenty of insights to help you enjoy a great self storage experience. You can also find a Compass Self Storage facility near you and chat with your local storage professional.

Dive Into Creating Space With Compass Self Storage

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