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Front of Compass Self Storage facility.

Pack Your Unit With Ease…

Hey Compass fans, One of the best ways to make your storage experience convenient and enjoyable is to plan ahead when packing your storage space. Here are few helpful tips to consider. 1. Keep a detailed list of all items – You should know exactly which items are going to be stored and keep a list so […]

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A Compass Self Storage facility office.

How To Begin Your Move

Hey Compass fans, Are you about to begin/in the process of moving? Not sure how you are going to gather all of your stuff (which you honestly didn’t think you had this much)? Let our Compass team help you make it easy… A stress-free move starts with strong, sturdy moving boxes that will stand up to the […]

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Interior hallway of Compass Self Storage facility.

A Few Reasons WHY Self Storage is a Good Idea!

Hey Compass fans, Have you ever wondered why self storage is a good idea? There’s no denying the self storage market has drastically grown in the past decade or so, and whereas I could give you a TON of reasons, I’ll save you some time and offer a few important ones… Storage during construction & […]

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Planning on Making A Move?

Hey Compass fans, Are you planning on making a move anytime soon? Here are a few moving tips from the Compass team… Get enough supplies – plan on needing extra boxes, tape and bubble wrap. Running out of supplies will only slow your move down. If your move requires dollies and hand trucks make sure they […]

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Compass Self Storage facility in Fort Worth, TX.

Staging & Selling Your House?

Hey Compass fans, Are you in the midst of trying to sell your house? Well if you have hired a realtor, they may suggest "staging" your house to maximize it's aesthetic appeal to prospective buyers. "Staging" your house is the process of clearing out all the clutter, extra furniture, boxes, knick-knacks, and other items to […]

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Drive-up climate controlled storage units.

Treat yourself…

It's a shame how once it's back to school, a new season starting, a lot of projects beginning, that we forget to take care of ourselves! It's no crime to give yourself a little TLC here and there, and I'm here to tell you something you may laugh at, but is true… Self storage can […]

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Storage rental office in Fulton County, GA.

Clueless About Self Storage?

Hey Compass fans, Are any of you procrastinators? No judgment here! Many of us put off certain tasks because we dread the time it may take to complete or the tedium/difficulty of the project. That being said…..do you know you need self storage, but you’re nervous or worried about looking into one? Never fear, the […]

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Why You Should Choose Compass…

Hey Compass fans, We understand that packing, moving and storing your belongings isn’t something that most people look forward to doing. We take pride in providing convenient and affordable self storage locations. When choosing a self storage center, we recognize your top priorities in selecting a facility include prices that fit your budget, security and extra conveniences […]

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Compass Self Storage facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Keeping Your Memories

Hey Compass fans, Do you have all of your sentimental treasures stuffed in your attic gathering dust? Did a loved one pass away recently (or a while ago) and you just can’t go through their items or throw them away? There’s no need to let your stuff sit and waste away….let the Compass team help you! We […]

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What NOT to Store…

Hellooooo Compass fans! We thought this would be a quick way to get you to smile today…we have compiled a list of what NOT to store in your self storage unit…enjoy 🙂 10. Stolen loot- if you stole it, please don’t store it with us. It’s illegal for us to have it on site, and you […]

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