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A Compass Self Storage Facility.

Organization Hacks

Hey Compass fans, Feeling a little out of sorts with all the holiday clutter? Getting organized starts right at home. Do your best to organize your garage, closets and sheds – and then bring the items you don’t need into your storage unit! The new season brings the need for different items, so keep in mind […]

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Young boy reaching for a present hidden under a bed.

Need Supplies?

Hey Compass fans, Whether you need storage for your personal or business items, our month-to-month leases provide flexibility and can accommodate your situation—from temporary storage needs for renovations, moves, or to hold excess inventory, to long-term storage for business documents and records, family heirlooms you can’t let go of just yet, or for personal belongings […]

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Halloween graphic depicting a group of children in costumes.

Top 20!

Hey Compass fans, We are super proud to announce we made The Top 20 Operators List for 2016 courtesy of Inside Self Storage!! Thank you for everyone’s support 🙂 Whether you are looking for temporary storage or a more permanent solution, Compass Self Storage has a self storage solution that is right for you. Your satisfaction is our top […]

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"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." by William Morris

Make Life Easier…

Hey Compass fans, We’re here to make it easy for you! Whether you are looking for temporary storage or a more permanent solution, Compass Self Storage has a self storage solution that is right for you. Your satisfaction is our top priority. With multiple locations, we are able to fulfill a variety of needs. Whether […]

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Compass Self Storage facility in East Lansing, Michigan.

Seasonal Changes…

Hey Compass fans, The changing of seasons is in full swing! Protect your unneeded items during the cooler months and make sure your belongings are out of the weather this winter. Check out our sizing and pricing guide to see what option fits your needs best. A storage calculator can help you decide how much space will be necessary […]

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"2017 Friday the 13th"

How to pack a storage unit…

Hello organization enthusiasts! We found an article that may seem pretty basic…packing a storage unit, what’s so hard about that?! But then that’s when you realize you’ve packed something you need waaaaay in the back, under and behind all those boxes….ouch. Our ceilings range from 8-12 feet high, so don’t be afraid to stack vertically! […]

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Front of Compass Self Storage facility.

Pack Your Unit With Ease…

Hey Compass fans, One of the best ways to make your storage experience convenient and enjoyable is to plan ahead when packing your storage space. Here are few helpful tips to consider. 1. Keep a detailed list of all items – You should know exactly which items are going to be stored and keep a list so […]

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Compass Self Storage facility in Asbury, NJ.

Compass Helps with Business Storage!

Hey fellow businessmen (and women), Is your office space overflowing with extra inventory? Do you have items that you need to access on occasion, but don’t need those items to take up valuable office space? Look no further than Compass Self Storage. Simply store your extra inventory, files and materials with us and eliminate the clutter […]

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Drive-up climate controlled storage units.

Treat yourself…

It’s a shame how once it’s back to school, a new season starting, a lot of projects beginning, that we forget to take care of ourselves! It’s no crime to give yourself a little TLC here and there, and I’m here to tell you something you may laugh at, but is true… Self storage can […]

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Uhaul truck parked in front of a Compass Self Storage facility.

Need Storage for your Business?

Hey all you busy bees, did you know self storage is not only for your items from your house, but can also benefit your business as well! Do you have overflowing inventory that’s cluttering up your office? Do you have large pieces of equipment you don’t use often, or extra supplies? The team at Compass loves working […]

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