5 Hobbies that Benefit the Most from Self Storage


Hobbies enrich our lives, but they can also wreak havoc on our homes. Whether you’re a shutterbug or snow bunny, you need a place to stash your gear. Or maybe you need a place to practice your favorite pastime. Hobby storage allows you to declutter while making the most of your free time. Find out how these five hobbies can benefit from the help of a Compass Self Storage in St. Augustine, FL.

1. Photography

Whether you dabble in digital photography, have fun with film, or practice videography, a storage unit can help protect and organize your equipment. External hard drives, tripods, lenses, and other gear cost a pretty penny, so keep them safe from theft and the elements by placing them in storage. Compass Self Storage provides shutterbugs with the secure space they need to safeguard their fragile equipment and accessories.

2. The Great Outdoors

Fishing is great in St. Augustine, FL, and the surrounding area, but all that gear can take up a lot of square footage. Stash your rods, reels, and other essentials in hobby storage near your home, office, or weekend cabin. If your family enjoys camping and hiking, declutter with help from your nearby storage facility. You’ll appreciate having an off-site place to store tents, cooking gear, hiking boots, backpacks, and other space-hogging supplies.

3. Crafts

Whether you need a nearby place to get crafty or want to keep clutter at bay by storing your supplies, consider a storage unit. In addition to scrapbooks, stickers, fabric, and foam, your crafting hobby may require room for cutting, sewing, or quilting machines. Whatever your craft of choice, hobby storage keeps your tools of the trade safe and ready for your next project.

4. Cars and Boats

If you live in or near St. Augustine, FL, you may need a secure place to park your boat or classic car. With round-the-clock video surveillance, sitewide lighting, fully fenced facilities, and gated access, Compass Self Storage provides car and boat enthusiasts with a high level of protection for their valuable investments.

5. Restoration

From clocks to furniture, restoring something can be incredibly rewarding. If you enjoy breathing new life into everything from engines to upholstered furnishings, keep your fabric, tools, and other supplies out of harm’s way— and out of your way— at your local self-storage facility. You can even practice your hobby on-site!

Follow Your Hobby Compass

Declutter your home while keeping your gear in good shape with help from Compass Self Storage. We offer a wide variety of storage units for you, whatever your hobby might be. Looking for some storage? We’ve got it for you. Reserve a unit online or contact our storage facility in St. Augustine, FL, today.