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Stove top cooking gadget.

Calling All Geocachers!

Hey geocachers in Ohio & Kentucky, are you looking for new caches? Be sure to check out the Compass Storage links for clues to the goods! 🙂 If you’re not too sure of what geocaching is- you can check this link for a quick guide, or read below for a short & sweet summary. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor […]

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Compass Self Storage rental office with security monitors.

Non Climate-Controlled Storage

Hey Compass fans, Do you need to store your items and unfortunately,  it’s not in your budget or your local Compass Storage doesn’t currently have climate-controlled units? Never fear, we’ve come up with a solution 🙂 Take apart all wooden furniture and clean everything before you store it. Store your hardware in baggies to keep them safe. […]

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Compass Self Storage facility in Mansfield, Texas.

Music City Storage!

Hey Compass fans, Are you looking for the perfect spot to stash your guitars, amps, records, & other instruments? Look no further than Compass Self Storage! We have 4 locations in Nashville (and 3 in Memphis & Bartlett) that will be more than happy to serve you. In case you’ve never stored your goods before, we […]

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Vintage illustration of Florida.

What NOT to Store…

Hellooooo Compass fans! We thought this would be a quick way to get you to smile today…we have compiled a list of what NOT to store in your self storage unit…enjoy 🙂 10. Stolen loot- if you stole it, please don’t store it with us. It’s illegal for us to have it on site, and you […]

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Compass Self Storage facility in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Rotate Your Unit

Hey Compass fans, It’s the lovely season of spring~ where the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the task of cleaning after a long winter is at hand. Obviously, you’ve already been going crazy cleaning your house, apartment, car, office, etc…..but have you thought about your self storage unit? It’s time to head on […]

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Compass Self Storage facility in Fate, Texas.

Tips for Unwanted Pests

Hey Compass fans, We understand that you come to use to safely and securely store your items, and we take our responsibilities very seriously by providing a clean property for our tenants. We take every measure available to ensure our properties are pest free- through regular maintenance and constant vigilance. Here are a few simple […]

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Street view of Compass Self Storage facility in McKinney, Texas.

Compass’s Packing Tips

Hey guys, Here’s Part 2 to the Compass Tips 🙂 Below we have our Packing Tips, straight from the Compass team! If you have any more questions, please give us a call or stop in at your local Compass so we can make it easy for you. Make packing easier by planning ahead. Gather up plenty of sturdy, […]

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Compass Self Storage in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Compass’s Storage Tips

Hey all, We have a few tips on storage from the Compass team, in order to make your self storage experience as easy as possible 🙂 Whether you give us a call or stop in at your local Compass Storage location, our team is waiting to help you figure out what you need- whether it’s choosing the right […]

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Child smiling in the middle of a messy room after opening presents.

Clear Out the Clutter for the Holidays!

Hey Compass fans, Getting ready and excited for the holidays?? We have a few tips to help you declutter your self-storage unit this holiday season. Chances are, you’ll be making multiple trips to your storage facility this holiday season.  To save time, it’s important to keep it clean and organized so you can spend more […]

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A Compass Self Storage Facility.

Time to Fall Back!

Hey Compass fans, Today is the 1st of November: a new month to usher in the fall leaves and scents. We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween yesterday 🙂 We also hope you remembered to reset your clocks for the end of Daylight Saving Time! Have you ever wondered what exactly Daylight Saving […]

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